Dr. Carolina Gutierrez de Piñeres



Dr. Carolina Gutierrez de Piñeres is an advisor to the Company with over 12 years of experience in scientific research of psychological processes in normal and pathological conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson 's disease, and other dementia and neurocognitive disorders. 

She holds a (Ph.D) Psy.D in Oriented Applied Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Maimonides, Buenos Aires, Argentina; a Masters in Forensic Psychology from the University of Saint Thomas, Bogota, Colombia; a specialization in Clinical Evaluation and Treatment from the Konrad Lorenz University Foundation, Bogota, Colombia; and a bachelors in Psychology from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , Bogota, Colombia.

Dr. Gutierrez has been a consultant in psychology and neurosciences for Lemaitre Consultants since 2015 as well as a consultant for the Colombian Defense Research Unit (UID) since 2013. She has been the Scientific Director and founder of GNAC (Group of Applied Cognitive Neuroscience of Colombia) since 2011 and a Scientific Advisor for INDE (National Institute of Dementia) in Bogota, Colombia, since 2012. She holds a private practice in neurocognitive evaluation and rehabilitation and forensic neuropsychology since 2012. 

She has appeared as an expert witness in many high-profile and pro bono court cases applying her knowledge of forensic psychology and neuropsychology perspectives to  memory and testimony. She has published about 17 journal articles and book chapters form her research in neuropsychology, mind theory, forensic psychology, and normal/pathological psychological processes, among other topics.