Our Strategy

IGC is developing a product portfolio of phytocannabinoid-based therapies through leading edge research for the treatment of a wide range of therapeutic indications. These include neuropathic and cancer pain, epilepsy, end of life supportive care, adjunctive supportive therapies of chronic neurological and oncological diagnosis, which are life altering or life threatening. 

Our Model

We deploy an outsourced model that leverages our international presence and allows us to control and seek out cost effective solutions. Our team includes an international network of doctors, veterinarians, and researchers with extensive expertise in various indications, medicines, controlled substances, plant-based products, extraction technologies, and drug delivery technologies. In addition we have assembled experts in patent law, clinical trials, and regulatory procedures.

Our Alliances

We recognize that there is considerable knowledge at the grass roots level of the cannabis industry. We are seeking information exchanges with owners of medical cannabis dispensaries and practitioners with experience in cannabis based medicines and nutraceuticals.