India Globalization capital inc.


We have two businesses:

1) The Company’s infrastructure business involves

the rental of heavy construction equipment like bulldozers, excavators, rollers and pavers, among others, contracting construction contracts, and the purchase and resale of physical commodities used in infrastructure, like steel, marble and tiles

2) The second is a cannabinoid based products and therapies





For the equipment rental business, we rent heavy construction equipment to construction companies, mostly located in Kerala, India. Our recent construction development includes the construction contract for the building of a National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) sponsored, local highway. We purchase and resale physical commodities. Our subsidiary in India has a greater than 35-year construction history.



cannabinoid based products and therapies

Our strategy for cannabinoid based alternative therapy and products is to leverage our R&D and our intellectual property, to develop unique products that are best in class, well differentiated and backed by science through pre-clinical and clinical trials.